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KEF | 교육기금  
                 Education is a way of life

​재영한인교육기금(KEF) 에서
신임 이사장을 모십니다.

​THANK YOU - 기부해주신 분들께 감사의 인사 전합니다.

“Oxford Korean School received fund from KEF. It was a great help because we were able to open a long-awaited new class for our kindergarten students and equip them with age-appropriate teaching materials. Students, parents and teachers are all very grateful.”

 - Oxford Korean School - 

“Because the number of children attending decreased it was difficult financially as the funding for Swansea Korean school decreased. However, I received funding from the Korean Education Foundation, so I was able to operate normally. Thank you. I appreciate your help.”

 - Swansea Korean School - 

“Edinburgh Hangul School was able to overcome financial difficulties with the generous support of the Korean Education Foundation when it was struggling to pay the rent for school buildings when it reopened in September 2018. Today, a year later, Edinburgh Hangul School is growing into a happy school in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.”

“Thanks to the funding we received from the KEF, we were able to give young Korean artists and students based in the UK the opportunity to grow further into their careers.”

 - 4482 SASAPARI - 

 - Edinburgh Hangul School - 

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