About Us

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About Us

I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

About Us

“Our focus is on educating the youth because that’s where it starts.

We provide the springboard for the youth so that they can dream the impossible, the infinite and the invincible. We pay attention to those most in need so that they can compete at the level playing field” 

Sungjin Park – Chair of Trustees

We Are KEF

We are an education charity at the heart of the Korean community aimed at helping those most in need of education

There are currently 11 trustees including the Chair of Trustees Sungjin Park. The trustees represent a diverse cross section of the Korean community including law, medicine, business, IT, academia and education.

Sujin Park

​일반 이사

Sungjin Park

Sungjin Park is the Chair of Trustees and a major benefactor of the charity who has given

generously to the charity.

Sungjin was appointed as Chair of Trustees in May 2018 and has since led many successful educational projects for the Korean community throughout the UK. Sungjin is a partner at Keystone Law, a major city law firm, and a leading employment lawyer for multinational Korean companies in the UK.

Sungjin previously served as the Chair of Trustees at London Korean School for 3 years.


Minjung Kim

Minjung Kim has studied Modern and Contemporary Asian Art at Sotheby's Institute of Art. She joined the Korean Education Foundation as Trustee in 2019 and she is in charge of Art department.


Brian Jung

Brian Jung joined the Korean Education Foundation as Trustee in 2019. Before joining the KEF, Brian built his experience in helping young Koreans discover jobs through the cooperation of public & government and in establishing integrated information network for overseas advancement, most recently as K-Move Mentor for UK. 


Joe Kim

Joe (Jong-Han) Kim, with education in Imperial College London, began his career in IBM as a design engineer in processors and next generation Intelligent system. He co-founded a bio medical company in the UK, L-Base, which provides a new first-in-class cancer therapeutics. He is also taking a role of managing director/partner of UPIN & Co in deep technology investment.   

Kyoung-Sun Chung.jpg

Kyoung-Sun Chung

Kyoung-Sun Chung is the headmistress of Reading Korean School and also teaches the Korean language and culture to various primary and secondary schools in and around the London area.


Jounga Joo

Jounga Joo has spent 16 years as a teacher at London Korean School since May 2003, including managerial spells as the 8th and 10th Deputy Headmistress in the years 2015 and 2018 respectively. 

From September 2013, she has taught as an affiliate educator for the Korean Education Centre UK, ultimately teaching both the Korean Language and Culture at various British schools.


Jaehoon Yeon

Jaehoon Yeon is a professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

He has been teaching Korean language and linguistics at SOAS since 1989. He has published many articles and books on Korean grammar and linguistics.

​당연직 이사

Seungshin Lee.jpeg

Seung Shin Lee

Seung Shin Lee is a minister at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Hee Seong Ahn

Hee Seong Ahn is a director Korean Education Centre Embassy of the Republic of Korea.


 Sook Hee Kim

 Sook Hee Kim is a president of Korean Residents Society.


Dongjin Bae

Dongjin Bae is a head teacher of London Korean School.



18 DEC 제 3회 교육기금의 밤

Elsevier 지영석 회장 £5,285

로빈훗 £3,000

영산 박종범 회장 £2,646.32 (3,000 유로)

우리은행 £2,000

KOLNG 김점수 사장 £1,000

코참 £1,000

​무명 £1,000


DEC 로빈훗 기부 £3,500

21 MAY 신임 이사장 선임: 박성진 이사장

10 MAY 새 이사진 출범

JAN - MAY 김태일 교육원장 약정기부 £1,000

19 JAN 오택희 교육기금 이사 기부 £ 15,000


 17 SEP 로빈훗 기부 £ 3,000

25 FEB 신임 이사 선임: 박성진 이사

09 JAN 박종범 재유럽한인 총연합 회장 기부 € 15,000


 01 OCT Digiland Ltd 박재동 사장 기부 £ 3,000

& 삼성 갤럭시탭 10대

26 JUN 로빈훗 기부 £ 3,000


 22 AUG 라팔모 코참 회장 이사장 대행


26 NOV LG전자 영국법인 기부 £ 30,000

 25 NOV Cass Maritime 김상록 대표 기부 £10,000

24 NOV 장민웅 이사장 기부 £4,282.30


01 OCT 자선단체 등록


08 NOV 제 2회 교육기금의 밤

                 박성진 이사장 £10,000

                   로빈훗 £4,000

                   박종범 민주평통 유럽중동 아프리카지역회의 부의장 £3,000

                 정승섭 이사 £2,000

OCT 우리은행 기부 £ 5,000 

18 MAR  - OCT 선남국 공사 약정기부 £ 2,000 

25 JAN 오택희 전 교육기금 이사 기부 £ 10,300 


21 DEC 이종구 민주평통 영국협의회장 기부 £ 10,000

12 FEB 박래승 서울부동산 사장 기부 £ 2,000


14 DEC 박성진 변호사 기부 £ 10,000

27 NOV 로빈훗 기부 £ 3,000

08 JUL 최재성 코참 회장 이사장 대행

12 MAR 정완진 옥타 런던지회장 기부 £ 5,000


12 MAY  채수석 코참 회장 이사장 대행


07 JUL 박영근 부이사장 기부 £3,000

05 JUL 한인종합회관 개관식/ 장민웅 이사장 사임

10 APR 한인종합회관 구입완료 및 내부공사 시작

12 FEB 삼성전자 기부 £35,000

19 JAN Lady Rothermere 기부 £9,927.61

                Kocham (재영경제인협회) 기부 £30,000

                오택희 이사 기부 £1,000


14 NOV 박영수 이사장 사임

10 FEB 대사관, 한인회, 한국학교에 보관중인 기금 이체

                기금 결성: £544,121.40  

                   (한인회 £253,485.57 / 

                   런던한국학교 £178,903.99 /

                   재외동포재단 £111,731.84)


06 DEC 가칭 교육기금 설립 및 발기인 추천: 

​박영수, 신우승, 오극동, 장민웅, 주낙군 (가나다순)